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Nicolò Bertoncello is an Italian guitarist born in Cittadella(PD) on December 13, 1993 and raised in Bassano del Grappa(VI).                                                                                             

He began to play in 2007 at the age of 13 thanks to his brother who picked up a guitar for him from a friend.

He bought his very first electric guitar in the same year for his 14th Birthday and started taking private lessons.                                                                                                   

After 2 years of studies he started playing live with different bands. His first gig was on August 22, 2009 where he played on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock with his Jimi Hendrix cover band.      

He continued to play around his town covering a lot of different genres, from pop to metal.                   

Home Recording Studio

In 2013 he started teaching guitar for beginner and intermediate students and in the September of the same year he started the Italian Modern Music Academy called "Lizard". He managed to get Level I, II and III Certificates in 2 years.

As a guitarist, he enjoys playing live, however he has vast experience and excels in studio work. Nicolò also plays piano and bass guitar.         

In 2015 he obtained a Scholarship to study music in London at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and he managed to get the Higher Diploma in Music Performance by the end of June 2016.

Nicolò has an established online presence and can be found through his Youtube Channels "Nicolò Bertoncello"(general guitar/bass covers) and "Daltonic"(guitar/bass/piano Covers and How to Play of Anime/Videogames music).                                       

In September 2017 he applied for a 1 year Music Production Course at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance(London) and got his certificate by the end of 2018.

After receiving the certificate he went back to Italy and is currently trying to make a living out of music by teaching and composing music.                                                                                             


2017-2018: Music Production Certificate at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

2016: Higher Diploma in Music Performance(guitar) at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance(ICMP)

2016: Level I & II Part-Time Courses(bass) with Fraddie Draper at the ICMP

2015: Scholarship at the ICMP for the Higher Diploma Course                             


2015: Lizard (Italian Modern Music Academy) Level III Certificate                                                

2014: Lizard Level I & II Certificates               


2012: High School Diploma(Scientific Course)

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