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Smile Bomb - Yu Yu Hakusho(guitars)

Aggiornamento: 5 ott 2019

Hey guys, welcome to my first guitar lesson/article :)

Today we are going to have a look at the main guitar parts from Smile Bomb, Opening Theme from the Yu Yu Hakusho serie.. great Anime from the 90s! <3

Before you start

- Consider that this song is, in my opinion, for intermediate to advanced players. There are some easy parts you can play even if you just started out but, generally, you need some previous experience on the instrument so.. don't get too frustrated if you can't play it as of now!

- you don't require any theory knowledge to play this but, to get a better understanding of everything, I suggest you learn AT LEAST the C Minor Pentatonic Scale since the song is mainly based around it.

- download tabs so you can follow my video:

Full Cover

Guitars Only


Hardest part of the song.. right off the bat :) Be sure to practice using a metronome and start with a slow bpm(the half speed sections you can find on my video are a good starting point). When you feel confident with it, add 5 to 10 bpm to your metronome and keep going until you reach the song's tempo(120 bpm). I know it's boring but it's the only way.

It might require you weeks(or even months) to get it right if you are not used to funky rhythms.. don't give up ;)


Clean chords(Cmin + Bbmaj) + arpeggiated notes, pretty straightforward.

Guitar Solo

We are in the lovely C Dorian territory here <3

Dorian Chord progression: ||: Cmin7 | F7 :||

The solo starts with a pre-groove phrase ending on the major 6th, the characteristic note of the Dorian Mode.. when the groove starts, then, we have a tremolo bend on another major 6th and, after that, the solo goes back and stays in the C Minor Pentatonic while keeping the Dorian Chord Progression.

If you don't have a tremolo bar you can still play that part by doing a 1/2 bend on the previous's not 100% the same but it's quite close :)

Tone Settings

I recorded both the cover and the lesson using my Fender Stratocaster Mexico(2004) + Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 + Bias Fx

I used two different presets, one for all the clean sounds and one for the guitar solo. You can find screenshots of each individual pedal/amp below so that you can try and create your own sound even if you don't have Bias Fx..hope this helps :)






Guitar Solo







did you know that there are maaany free ways to support me? check the "Tabs" page for more info :)

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